Weekly Chocolate Tastings

Please join us Tuesdays for a weekly chocolate event. We select a group of chocolates based on a theme; you show up and taste them. Our staff will be on hand to discuss the selected chocolates and answer any questions you might have about the chocolates in general. And, on occasion, we may have a special guest or two!


Tuesday, October 22nd 

A Sambirano Valley Harvest

Tucked away in the northwest region of Madagascar, the Sambirano Valley sits in a fertile basin known for producing some of the best cacao in the world. Some of the highest quality beans are sourced here to create extremely flavorful and unique chocolate. We’ll be sampling a variety of chocolate makers producing chocolate from this special cacao. So please join us to try some of these exciting chocolates!


Where:   Cacao – 414 SW 13th location

When:     4pm-7pm

Cost:        Free