May Events

 We have two events coming up in May!

Friday May 23rd from 3pm-5pm 414 SW 13th Ave -free

                             and 5pm-7pm 712 SW Salmon St. -free

Rob Anderson (founder and maker of Fresco Chocolate) will be joining us once again to present a tasting of his latest bars. Rob is a talented and innovative bean to bar chocolate maker from northern Washington state. We have been working with Rob since he first launched his bars and are proud to have his chocolate in our collection. We are happy to welcome him back!

Eagranie Yuh

Friday May 30th from 3pm-5pm 414 SW 13th Ave  -free

We are very pleased to be hosting a tasting and book signing for

The Chocolate Tasting Kit from Chronicle Books by Eagranie Yuh.   Please join us!!

Tasting Schedule and Costa Rica Tour with Steve DeVries

January 28

Chocolate Tasting: Good Food Award Winners I

February 4

 Chocolate Tasting: Good Food Award Winners II
February 11
Chocolate Tasting
Cooking with Chocolate:
Valentine’s Day Edition
February 14

Valentine’s Day

February 18

Chocolate Tasting: Good Food Award Winners III

February 25

Chocolate Tasting: Good Food Award Winners IV

February Tastings at Cacao
Aubrey and Jesse had the pleasure of being judges for the Good Food Awards September 2013 in San Francisco for the 2014 awards, and we are pleased to share some of the amazing winners with you this month.  Please drop in on Tuesdays for our Good Food Awards Chocolate Tasting series. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Good Food Award Winners
Chocolate Tastings I, II, III & IV
This award is the first national initiative to recognize food businesses for environmental and social responsibility in conjunction with taste criteria. We’ll feature chocolate from award winners from 2011 (the first award year) to 2014.

Cacao -SW 13th location

Tuesday, January 28th, February 4th, 18th, & 25th


Cooking with Chocolate
 Do you need help selecting that perfect chocolate to use with your favorite Valentine’s Day recipe? We’ll be sampling some of our best chocolate for cooking and baking.

Cacao -SW 13th location

Tuesday, February 11th


Exploring Cacao in Costa Rica
This trip is a great opportunity to experience cacao’s origins first hand with the insightful and entertaining guidance of Steve De Vries (often hailed as the grandfather of the craft chocolate movement). Aubrey and Jesse went in 2011 and had blast! We would highly encourage anyone interested in an intimate cacao growing region experience to take this trip.  This tour is especially appropriate for people who are working in, or want to work in the chocolate industry.

Tuesday Tasting Schedule

Join us at our 414 SW 13th Ave location on the following Tuesdays between 4pm – 7pm for a free tasting!


November 19th

Baking Chocolate & Nibs: How to Improve Your Favorite Recipe – Just in time for the holidays, we’re sampling chocolate ingredients to help “elevate” that chocolate soufflé or make your pot de crème magnifique! We even offer potential improvements for your chocolate chip cookies! And if you don’t have a favorite recipe, we’ll let you borrow a few of ours.


November 26th

Roughing It – In the tradition of Mexican-style chocolate, these chocolates take on a rustic quality involving less processing to give a course texture. But an unrefined composition doesn’t mean a lack of flavor. Quite the contrary, these chocolates boast a robust, intense character.


Where:   Cacao – 414 SW 13th location

When:    4pm-7pm

Cost:      Free



Weekly Chocolate Tastings

Please join us Tuesdays for a weekly chocolate event. We select a group of chocolates based on a theme; you show up and taste them. Our staff will be on hand to discuss the selected chocolates and answer any questions you might have about the chocolates in general. And, on occasion, we may have a special guest or two!


Tuesday, October 22nd 

A Sambirano Valley Harvest

Tucked away in the northwest region of Madagascar, the Sambirano Valley sits in a fertile basin known for producing some of the best cacao in the world. Some of the highest quality beans are sourced here to create extremely flavorful and unique chocolate. We’ll be sampling a variety of chocolate makers producing chocolate from this special cacao. So please join us to try some of these exciting chocolates!


Where:   Cacao – 414 SW 13th location

When:     4pm-7pm

Cost:        Free