New Products

Here are a few new things we are excited about right now:

The Rogue Hispaniola is back and this is the best batch yet. Colin Gasko has elicited an intense fruity flavor almost like fruit leather from the Dominican Republic beans, in addition to the familiar flavors of rich cocoa and spice normally found in this bar. This one is addictive and hard to stop eating.


Bar Au Chocolat has produced a new origin bar with beans from Marañon Canyon, Peru. You may be familiar with these beans from the Fortunato No. 4 chocolate from Felchlin, but this is a very different treatment and approach. It is a lovely addition to this elegant and surprising collection from Nicole Trutanich.  The chocolate has a challenging and complex flavor set and is worth tasting.


If you haven’t tasted the DeVries nib clusters you’re missing out. Jesse seems to be eating most of them as we catch him eating them every day! Caramelized clusters of Costa Rican cacao nibs in rich dark chocolate from Steve DeVries, the founding father of the American craft chocolate movement.

A reminder that we always have samples available of all of our solid chocolate bars -please stop by for a taste!

Look for some exciting new exciting additions to our cafe menu coming soon.