Ginger Burnt Sugar Caramel Sauce

Aftelier Perfumes Chef's Essences "Fresh Ginger" essential oil

Aftelier Perfumes Chef’s Essences “Fresh Ginger” essential oil

I just made an awesome test batch of ginger burnt sugar caramel sauce using Aftelier Perfumes Chef’s Essences “Fresh Ginger”.  I followed a basic recipe for burnt sugar caramel sauce (1 cup sugar, 6Tbs unsalted butter, 1/2 cup cream) and added a good shake of Fresh Ginger essence.

We worked with Mandy Aftel to produce a set of Chef’s Essences for chocolatiers and have a set available at our main store.  I’ve been a little slow to make good use of these amazing essential oils and absolutes.  They are a precious bundle of untapped potential.  I can’t wait to explore them further.  Based on initial trials they are very easy to use and can be added directly to chocolate to perfectly infuse the flavor.