Craft Chocolate Around the World

Cacao features a hand picked selection of chocolate from around the world, including the best premium solid chocolate bars from small producers, select chocolate from the best local chocolatiers and North American makers, and our house-made drinking and hot chocolates.

We are a specialty chocolate shop with a focus on North American craft chocolate makers and Northwest chocolatiers. Founded in 2006 by Jesse Manis and Aubrey Lindley, Cacao is a collection of the best chocolate in the world. Each item is carefully selected based on a range of different criteria—value is placed on areas of focus like small manufacturers, chocolate made in country where the cacao is grown, organic and fair market practices, transparency of operations, value pricing, and limited chains of manufacturing and distribution. Ultimately though we care most about flavor and quality and are always seeking out new and exciting flavors in cacao beans and chocolate. We never want to forget that chocolate is meant for the pleasure of eating.

Chocolate has come a long way in a very short time. With an explosion of North American small craft chocolate makers, (in 2006 there were approximately 3, now there are over 150) we offer an opportunity for our customers to explore this exciting new world of chocolate in an open and honest way, avoiding traps of excessive packaging, unreasonable margins, and exaggerated hype.  This is not a collection of all makers.  It is a collection of the best makers.

We make samples of our bars available to our customers when they are shopping, helping them to make the right selection with the aid of sampling and advice. We are very excited to have this selection of chocolate available, and hope that you will be too!